Syberdesk PRO ELITE XXL large LED gaming desk

Brand: Syberdesk

Product Description

This large sober and elegant PRO ELITE XXL gaming desk from the Syberdesk brand is equipped with a fixed and robust metal frame with integrated cable management, a customizable LED strip in 16 different colors and a USB 2.0 hub with 3 inputs / outputs and an ergonomic bevelled plate for better comfort of the wrists and forearms during use.
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  • This gaming desk made in EU is one of the desks with the largest table top in our catalog with dimensions 170 x 76 x H 74-75 cm. It is ideal for furnishing a gaming desk at home or equipping your professional or executive office with elegance.


    An ergonomic tray ideal for work or play

    The Syberdesk PRO ELITE XXL gaming desk top is ideal for computer configurations (PC or MAC) with several screens (2 or 3 screens) due to its generous dimensions. The tray (delivered in one piece) is resistant and has an ergonomic bevelled shape which brings better comfort to the wrists and forearms during use.


    The innovative X-MAT coating of this LED gaming desk is also very interesting for its resistance to stains, scratches and fingerprints, which guarantees you a working or playing space that is always impeccable in all circumstances!


    An XXL desk with a sober, elegant and customizable design

    The look of this gaming desk is ideal for setting up modern open-spaces, professional desks or a room for your gaming PC at home. The lines are sober and elegant, the dimensions are perfect for a configuration with 1 or 2 computer screens without unnecessarily cluttering the space of the room.


    The different ways of organizing cables (on the shelf or directly in the desk frame) are also very popular with people who like order, cleanliness and tidy things!


    The customizable LED strip in 16 colors is arranged to bring out a calming ambience on the back of the desk while making your computer screens stand out which will increase your concentration over time and reduce possible eye fatigue.


    Finally, a hub with 3 USB 2.0 ports is positioned in the rear right corner of the tray, allowing you to quickly and easily connect your external devices or charge your smartphone during your working hours or computer games.


    * Expert advice *

    Syberdesk gaming desks are assembled and prepared to order by the manufacturer in the production facility in Europe. As such, the delivery of these custom desks takes a little longer than for mass-produced items. Allow between 10 and 15 days for the delivery of your order to your delivery address.

    Technical sheet


    170 x 76 x H 74-75 cm


    170 cm


    76 cm


    74 to 75 cm (adjustable height for good stability on uneven floors)


    Metal frame - Wooden tray with X-MAT coating (waterproof, anti-stain, anti-scratch, compatible with the vast majority of gaming mice on the market).


    Cable management on the table top and in the feet of the desk / Customization LED strip in 16 different colors + remote control / Hub with 3 USB 2.0 ports / X-MAT coating of the beveled table top.

    Suitable for

    1 screen, 2 screens, 3 screens

    Platform height

    Fixed, adjustable

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