Dear MMOGA fans:
Thanks for always being with us and helping us improve ourselves. We strive to upgrade our services for you not only in the gaming area, but also in all other areas of life. We cordially invite you to create an online shopping platform with us that is exclusively for the MMOGA fan group. Share your shopping habits with us now!
We really appreciate your help and will reward you with a free Steam Random Key!
1What’s your gender?
2How old are you?
3How often do you shop online?
4When do you prefer to shop online?
5What kind of products would you like to buy from mmogapower.com? (Multiple-choice)
6What three specific products would you like to buy online in the upcoming 3 months?
7What are the factors that affect you to choose the seller/product when you shop online? (Multiple-choice)
8What kind of promotion do you prefer? (Multiple-choice)
9What kind of payment options do you prefer? (Multiple-choice)
10What delivery time can you accept?

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