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EasySMX Controller for Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Wireless Pro Controller with Rechargeable Battery, Dual Shock and Turbo Functions, Gamepad with 6=Axis Gyroscope, Accessory Sets for Nintendo Switch, Black

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Product Description

Compatibility: EasySMX controller is fully compatible with Nintendo switches and Windows PCs and provides perfect support for Nintendo games as well as PC games as well as ARMS Power Boxing, Mario Kart 8 and Zelda Legend so you can experience the immersive feeling during the game. No need to install any driver. NOTE: Third-party products are not made by Nintendo
Adjustable LED light brightness: ZL + ZR + R3 + cross button up and down control the light intensity, a total of 5 gears.
Adjustable double motor vibrations: Turbo + cross button up and down adjust the vibration intensity of the controller, a total of 5 gears.
Rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connection: built-in 600 mAh lithium battery, it only takes 2.5 hours for the controller to be fully charged, while 8 hours of continuous play are supported.
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  • Product Description

With strong anti-interference ability and easy handling and stable connecting signal,the Switch Controller Can be paired quickly for all Nintendo Switch games,Support Windowns PC, Not Support Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ Mac/ IOS

EasySMX Nintendo controller supports Gyro axis function.Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience by rotating the game controller.Dual analog sticks and expansion triggers provide precise movement control. also provides an accurate Nintendo motion sensor,perfectly for The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, smash bros, Super Mario, Splatoon 2, etc.

5 asymmetric motors and 3-level adjustable vibration function to make you feel a strong feeling of vibration like in a real gaming experience.TURBO Button + Cross Button work simultaneously to adjust the vibration intensity of the joystick.These buttons (ZL Button + ZR Button + R3 Button + Cross Button) work simultaneously to adjust the light intensity of the joystick;The cool led light is fashionable and awesome; CAUTION: Press the L + R key for 5 seconds to turn on the light.

The Switch controller built in 600mAh good quality lithium polymer battery, support 8-10 hours working time.Share Screenshot of Victory by Combining "-”and “+"and Challenge more, Share Enjoyment

How to connect with Nintendo Switch?1. Pair for the first time: Hold the HOME button and the 4 indicator lights will flash rapidly for 5 seconds on the [Change Handle / Order] page.2. Second connection: Press the HOME button on any page and the 4 indicator lights will flash slowly.How to connect 2 controllers?1. Start the switch - and then select "Controller" in the home menu-Select "Hold / Change order"2. Long press the game controller’s Y button + HOME button, Or press and hold the H button on this unit for 5 seconds (4 LEDs start blinking).When pairing is successful, the LED for the corresponding controller number will light.For the second and subsequent connections, you can press the H button once on any screen.When connecting for the first time, if it’s not connected pls try more times as sometimes it’s difficult to connect at first.This is not a controller issue. It was decided by the switch system.Since the stability of registration is a top priority for switches, it is necessary to prosecute several times at first.How to connect with PC?Connect the controller's USB cable to the computer's USB port directly.When LED1 + LED4 are on, the connection is successful, and the controller is in Xinput mode.To input mode: Press the Select + Start buttons for 3 seconds to the input mode. The LED2 + LED3 indicator lights up.NOTE: Only support USB connection with PC.


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