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Ugreen Phone Stand for Live Streaming selfie LED ring flash lamp white for video recording YouTube TikTok + WK Design portable wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker 3W
Brand:Ugreen / WK Design

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Product Description

Package includes:
1 x phone holder
1 x Bluetooth speaker
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Ugreen Phone Stand for Live Streaming selfie LED ring flash lamp video recording holder YouTube TikTok

Recording videos, taking pictures and making up – there are many activities which require you to have empty hands and good illumination. To lighten up, choose the multifunctional Ugreen product perfect for desk or dressing table. 

Ugreen presents a practical ring flash light with phone holder and additional grip/clip for a microphone, for example. It is suitable for live streaming and other activities in social media. Besides it looks great in modern interiors!   


  • Branda: Ugreen
  • Size: 67,5x15,5 cm,
  • Material: metal tip and base, silicone plug coat, ABS
  • Compatible with: devices whose screen diagonal ranges from 4,6 to 7,5 inches
  • Dimming adjustment: from 3000 K to 7000 K

Major features:

  • 3in1 gadget – lamp, phone holder, microphone clip
  • Solid and aesthetic manufacture
  • Three colors of light to choose from
  • Free adjustment thanks to rotating holder
  • Compatible with popular phone models

High stability  

Three colors of light to choose from

To make sure your eyes do not get tired and light emitted by the lamp perfectly illuminates the space, the manufacturer provides a 3-degree dimming function. You can choose:

  • warm light,
  • white light,
  • soft light.

Wide range of dimming from 3000 K to 7000 K and adjustable brightness from 0% to 100% allow you to enjoy various lighting effects.

Rotating holder – easily adjustable

LED ring light is equipped with a rotating holder for mobile phone and adjustable holder for microphone. The holder arm can be easily rotated and positioned at various angles, which assures perfect vision, no shocks and interference.

Phone holder and convenient charging

The mobile phone holder is suitable for most smartphones whose screen diagonal ranges from 4,6 to 7,2 inches.

High stability

Ugreen stand is made of solid metal bar and metal base, as well as light ABS holder. Thanks to considerable stability, this metal base may easily support the load of devices placed in 3 holders, guaranteeing strong grip without slipping and sliding.

Wide range of applications

You can use the gadget in several ways. As a lamp, phone holder and microphone clip. You can decorate your desk or dressing table with it. It is also a multifunctional support when you record live, make videos, organize photo sessions and make up.

WK Design Portable Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 3W Speaker

Wireless speaker designed for everyday use at home or at work. It is perfect for playing music as well as for playing audiobooks. This hands-free set will ensure high comfort of receiving sound and increase the quality of each activity. Thanks to wireless connection to the device, the user gains a lot of freedom in terms of its location. It does not necessarily have to be close to an electrical outlet.

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Battery capacity: 300 mAh
  • Power: 3 W
  • Battery charging connector type: micro USB
  • Input current: 5V / 1 A
  • Music playback time: up 3-4 hours
  • Standby time: 72 hours
  • Weight: 155g
  • Product size: 117 x 80 x 39 mm
  • Charging time: approximately 4 hours

Functional gadget

There is sure to be a place in your home for this compact and powerful gadget. It was created with the use of high-quality materials and looks elegant in contemporary interiors. It receives the signal at a distance of 10 meters, so you can listen to music even from a distance.

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