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KLIM Bolt, backlight RGB keyboard with multimedia control, black

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  • QWERTZ LAYOUT + HIGH PERFORMANCE. With a response time of just 2 ms, the KLIM Bolt keyboard is one of the best keyboards available on the market thanks to its fast membrane keys. We use high quality materials and components during development to ensure that they will function flawlessly for many years to come. And all at a very affordable price to offer you the best value for money!


  • PLEASANT STROKE + FAST WRITING. Enjoy the great writing experience and improve your speed with the KLIM Bolt. Thanks to the perfect size of the buttons and the clear click each time it is pressed, it is ideal for working and playing. Thanks to anti-hosting technology, 26 of the keys prevent conflicts when several keys are pressed at the same time.


  • COLOR SELECTION + IDEAL IN DARKNESS. With the KLIM Bolt you can set 7 different colors and 3 light effects. Instead of noticeable lighting around each key, we opted for a more subtle system in which only the characters light up. This has the additional advantage that the letters shine brighter regardless of the room lighting and helps you write in poor lighting conditions if you are not used to typing by feeling.


  • DURABLE. The keys have a lifespan of 20,000,000 keystrokes so you can keep them for the next decade! This robust illuminated keyboard weighs 690 g and is largely made of ABS, a very resistant plastic. Whether you use it occasionally or intensely, it will stand the test of time.


  • INEXPENSIVE. You spend hours on your computer every day. This keyboard is inexpensive, so you can improve your productivity and gaming experience without breaking your wallet. At KLIM we are very convinced of the quality of our products. It is a risk-free purchase.
Product Dimensions 44*14*4.2cm Brand KLIM
Colour black Item model number B07Y7TR24Z
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