Wireless Switch Pro Controller Gamepad Joystick Joypad Remote Joystick for Switch Console and Compatible with Switch Lite

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Advanced features: Supports gyro axis function and dual motors vibration function. Vibration feedback gives you a compelling gaming experience. Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience. Dual analog sticks and expansion triggers provide precise movement control.

BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Bluetooth V2.1 quickly and stably connected with switch console within 10M(barrier-free environment).

Play time: Built-in 500mAh Lithium battery, can last up to 5H after fully charged, charging time is 2-3h with the included charging cable in the package.

High compatibility: Premium wireless switch Pro Controller is perfect for NS games. Such as the legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and so on.

Please note: that this switch controller cannot support the Amiibo function. 3. Not waterproof.4.Does not support wake up switch.
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     [Pairing method]

    1. Pair for the first time: Hold the HOME button and the 4 indicator lights will flash rapidly for 5 seconds on the [Change Handle / Order] page.2. Second connection: Press the HOME button on any page and the 4 indicator lights will flash slowly.[How to connect two units simultaneously]1. Start the switch body-Select "Controller" in the home menu-Select "Hold / Change order"2. In the screen that opens, press and hold the H button on this unit for 5 seconds (4 LEDs start blinking). When pairing is successful, the LED for the corresponding controller number will light. For the second and subsequent connections, you can press the H button once on any screen.When connecting for the first time, even if you try several times, you are not connected. This also shows that it is difficult to connect at first. This is not a controller issue. It was decided by the switch system. Since the stability of registration is a top priority for switches, it is necessary to prosecute several times at first.


    [Please note]

    1. If there is something wrong with the PROCON switch, press the reset button and operate it again.2. Please note that this switch controller cannot support the Amiibo function.3. Not waterproof.



    Dual Motors Adjustable Vibration

    With the built-in enhanced dual motors, this switch pro wireless controller supports 2 levels vibration feedback!


    *Excellent vibration effect enhance the sense of bringing in the game plot and scene and the excitement of the game experience.*Bring good game immersion and give you a high level of feedback to make you more enjoy the game.