HAVIT Large Mouse Pad, XL, Stitched Edges, Non-Slip Rubber, HV-MP830, Gaming (Magic Eagle), Black + Red

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Product Description

- Large enough for keyboard and mouse
- Edge covering design to protect the edge
- Waterproof coating
- Smooth surface allows accurate micromanagement with your mouse
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  • HAVIT HV-MP830 Magic Eagle Large Professional Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)

    Large size design

    Measuring 900*300*3mm makes it provide larger usable area to cover keyboard,mouse and stuff on the desktop when playing game.

    Gaming Quality

    High-quality fine mesh cloth cover make sure the mouse moving smooth and accurately.Gaming can be stressful, don’t let your mouse pad add to it!

    Anti-skid rubber base effectively

    Anti-skid rubber base effectively keep the mouse pad from sliding.


    Waterproof coating can prevent damage from spilled drinks or other accidents, easy to clean.

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