DDP Dual USB Controller Fast Charger Dock Station Stand For Playstation 4/PS4/PS4 Pro Gamepad

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LED light bars and light rings
charge two PS4 original controllers
conversion efficiency is over 95%
Low standby power consumption
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  • Controller Charger Dual USB Fast Charging for Playstation 4/PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro Controller+


    The dual-charging colorful breathing light dock for PS4 controller supports theoriginal PS4 controller and is installed with the adapter (micro-to-2p chargingadapter) provided by our company, and the controlltean be charged directlyafter it is put on the dock: moreover, the dock can be used to charge two PS4oniginal controllers at the same time the intelligent single-chip microcomputeris used for precise control of the charging process, and the charging staterealizes dynamic light display. the colorful unidirectional LED light on the edgeof the dock and the colorful light effect are used to indicate the charging stateand fully charging state, the red-green two-color LED light on the panel canalso indicate the charging state and fully charging state; the structural andappearance design of the product is beautiful and unique, and it is simple andconvenient to

    place the controller for charging, therefore, this product is anecessity for game players


    -The intelligent single-chip microcomputer control circuit managementtechnology is adopted,

    -The conversion efficiency is over 95%o

    -It can be used to charge two PS4 original controllers at the same time

    -The two-color charging indicator light is simple and easy to understand

    -The colorful breathing LED light bars and light rings are designed for theproduct, and the appearance of the product is beautiful and bright-colored

    -The structure and appearance are unique and beautiful and it isconvenient to place the controller for charging

    -Low standby power consumption, electricity-saving, andenvironment-friendl


    -Rated input current of power supply1.5A

    -Rated input voltage of power supplyDC 5V

    Instructions for Charging:

    -The provided Micro USB charging adapter must be installed on the Microinterface of PS4 controller to be used in charging

    -The power adapter with 5V1 5A or above and the Micro USB interface areused to input power supply,

    -When the charging power supply has been connected but the controller isnot placed, the LOGO light panel will be on and the charging indicator lightwill not be on:

    -Install the provided Microusb charging adapter on the controller, then putit on the charging dock, and it will be identified automatically for charging3.5 Functions of charging indicator light: I)When the controller is put in No. 1position for charging, No. 1 indicator light will be red, which means thatI the controller is beng charged; when No. 1 indicator light turns green, tmeans that No. 1 controller has been fully charged. (2 When the controlleris put in No. 2 position for charging, No. 2 indicator light will be red, whichmeans that the controller is being charged: when No. 2 indicator lightI turns green, it means that No controller has been fully charged.3.6 Instructions for change of the color of colorful breathing LED light: whenthe controller is put in either No. 1 or No. 2 charging channel for chargingthe colorful LED light will run like flowing water, which indicates that thecontroler is being charged quickly. When both No. 1/ No. 2 chargingchannel have been fully charged, the colorful light will change the colorceaselessly in colorful way, which means that al controllers have beenfully charged, and the controllers can be taken down.

    Packaging includes:

    Charging stand*1

    Micro USB charging adapter*4

    Charging cable( Length: 1M)*1


    -This product shall not be used or stored in a humid environment.

    -When the product is used or stored, it shall avoid dust and heavypressure as far as possible, so as not to affect its service lifeI

    -If the product is immersed in water, damaged or broken due toimproper use, or some electrical performance problems occurredplease stop using it

    -Do not dry it with external heating devices such as microwave oven.

    -If there is any damage, please timely send it to the maintenancedepartment for repairing. Do not disassemble by yourself.

    -Do not give this product to children for playing.

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