Blade Breaker for Snap-off Blades, for 9 and 18 MM Blades

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  • sand graphite
  • dark night blue
  • lime green
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    • Container material
      black/transparent plastic
    • Material of blade breaker opening
    • Equipment
      2 blade breaker openings for different blade sizes
    • Dimensions
      80 x 25 x 80 mm

    1.The blade breaker combines a tool for breaking off cutter blade segments with a collection box for the detached segments. 

    2.It is suitable for all conventional cutters with break-off segments;blade segments are caught in the container for 9 and 18 mm snap-off blades

    3.Using blade breaker, the blade is automatically positioned at the correct angle, so that the break-line is parallel to that indicated on the blade. 

    4.The collection leads to the accumulation of about 100 g of high quality steel for recycling. 

    5.The blade breaker protects from lose segments and injuries.

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