Betop Bat Wired Pc Computer Ps3 Smart TV Double Steam Game Controller Usb Rocker NBA2k18 Need For Speed FIFA OL4 Neil

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High precision rocker, precise operation, sensitive in place

Enhanced 3D dual motor, more than 30 kinds of shock, simulation game scene

It is easy to use, free of installation, drive and setting

Suitable for major mainstream games, no delay
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  • 20 years of ingenuity                2 meters standard line length             Can play for two

    (*Two players need to buy 2 handles)        Application: PC Android ps3

    Play popular masterpiece games

    Computer / TV / Steam / Simulator / Box / PS3 (software crack version)

    Big screen era long distance is fun Game health begins with protecting your vision

    2 meters standard line length High quality 8-core copper wire Anti-static magnetic ring

    Can be connected to an external 1.5 m extension cord

    Plug and play support STEAM platform Bat handle + STEAM platform - play genuine game masterpiece

    Support for multi-platform operations Bat D2E handle is easy to set up with computer, smart TV, PS3, network set-top box Network set-top box Smart TV Desktop PC Laptop

    Normal PC mode

    Support live football series, boxing champions, fifa, alloy equipment, famous players and other computer stand-alone games

    Ordinary PC game support Not limited to the following games, please consult online customer service for details.

    Metal warhead Quickly whirlwind Knights King of Fighters 97

    Amazing fighting power Detonating handle operating power

    We will send the correct plug adapter which is suitable for you according with the shipping address. After 20 years of ingenuity and many tests, Betop professional engineers created the BETOP control system, which made the XD4 engine and the components completely integrated into a small universe. New generation game engine Outbreak of small universe

    U-face near contact cross key

    The end of the bat D2 cross key is supported by four pressure-sensitive rubber balls. The key surface is U-shaped curved surface, and the central concave surface is in the near-contact design with natural fit on the thumb belly, which makes the direction key control more sensitive. Comfortable high-precision rocker Bat D2 is equipped with a medium rocker element, the rocker Highly reasonable reduction, subtle manipulation, no pressure.

    Enhanced asymmetric Double vibration somatosensory motor

    The bat D2 adopts an enhanced somatosensory vibration scheme, and the left and right motor loads are asymmetrically designed. The detailed feedback of the different scenes in the game has different shock sensations, enhancing the game story and the substitution of the scene.

    Product parameters

    Product Name: Betop bat D2 cable game controller Product model: BTP-BD2E\BD2F Packing size: 165mm*115mm*72mm Product size: 156mm*102mm*60mm Product weight: about 218 grams Power supply mode: USB power supply Game platform: PC / Android smart TV, set-top box / PS3 Package contents: Betop bat D2 wired game controller 1 only, product manual (including warranty card) 1

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